Fort Madison Improves Resiliency of EHR Through HCTI’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Powered by AWS

The Client

Fort Madison Community Hospital (FMCH) is an integrated health system serving the needs of patients from new-born to geriatrics. They strive to be the best Southeast Iowa healthcare provider focusing on its people, partnership with the community, and quality of service.

The Challenge

FMCH has been using an EHR platform since 2018. This integrated platform provides FMCH with a single electronic record for all patients they serve across inpatient and ambulatory settings.

The EHR is critical to FMCH’s operation and losing access to the information and automation it provides would have a significant impact on FMCH’s ability to care for patients safely and efficiently.

The Solution

FMCH selected Healthcare Triangle (formerly Cornerstone Advisors) to implement a public cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution using Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) highly scalable and cost-effective platform. Healthcare Triangle’s EHR Backup and Disaster Recovery Powered by AWS is available for healthcare organizations using any EHR. By choosing this solution, FMCH was able to tap into AWS, the largest public cloud provider in the world, along with the proven healthcare and EHR expertise of Healthcare Triangle giving FMCH a cost- effective and reliable platform for backup and disaster recovery.


With HCTI’s solution and flexible contract terms, following are the results achieved by FMCH:

  • Roughly 30% cost savings over comparable private cloud solutions
  • Improved Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • With a successful test at implementation, FMCH’s data is being replicated securely to AWS, providing a scalable and reliable platform for FMCH to recover to in the event of failure of their primary on-premises infrastructure
  • In addition, FMCH now enjoys a secured connection to AWS, offering the ability to leverage any of the other many services offered by AWS, ranging from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to healthcare specific artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities

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...With our information now available on AWS, we know we can quickly and reliably recover from any disruptions and let our caregivers continue to focus on our patients”

Shane Tapper,

Chief Information Officer at FMCH

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