A data driven strategy is an advantage to any industry or service provider. As you move to become a data company, you need access to cutting edge security, self-cataloging data lake, automated data quality check, and be able to derive insights on your preferred tools.

Future proof your Data Lake and
Data Analytics Pipeline

Big data is big. With IT teams stretched to capacity already, you need a partner who can create an infrastructure that is scalable and flexible enough to adapt to any workflow. Healthcare Triangle works hard to help your data work hard for you. We create a practical and cost-effective way for you to deliver on your data strategy and reap the benefits of developing new processes and applications as a result of your new data enlightenment.

real world evidence

Real World Evidence

Data and Data Analytics in healthcare is transforming the way illnesses are identified and treated, improving quality of life and avoiding preventable deaths. The drive now is to understand as much as possible about a patient through real world data and to be able to diagnose serious illness though advanced predictive modeling or through advanced AI and ML at an early enough stage that treatment is far simpler and less expensive. For this a compliant, secured, cost optimized, and a future proof Data Ecosystem is essential.

Wearables and Sensors

Wearables and Sensors

Wearables and sensor driven aggregation of digital health data is going to be a significant trend in the next decade towards Personalized Healthcare for continuous monitoring of patients through Daily activity logs, Biometric Sensors, Fall Sensors, Social Activity sensors, etc. AI and ML models will be capable of predicting onset of illness in advance by processing and analyzing this digital data rapidly. Life Science industries need a data platform that is able to scale with the surge of the upcoming digital data.

Genetic Sequencing

Genomics and Sequencing

DNA sequencing made huge strides in the last decade. Studies based on large sequencing datasets appear frequently, and public archives for raw sequencing data have been doubling in size every 18 months. A Data Platform on the cloud provides greater total capacity, and a larger variety of services to ingest, process and gain insights from the data. Life sciences industries will require a future proof data platform as a basic underpinning for large-scale genomics collaborations and for efforts to re-analyze archived data, including privacy-protected data.

Secure Data Accelerators

Automatically deploy core infrastructure and configure managed services (easy DevOps) for data platform and analytics pipelines. Our multiple layers of security across storage, metadata and compute ensure the safety of your data is never compromised.

Compliant and Futureproof

Our technical and monitoring controls meet most compliance requirements. Managed services free up your valuable resources so your team can focus more on use cases and applications uncovered with data analysis.

Cloud Agnostic

No matter your cloud provider, our processes work to deliver maximum value from your current IT investments.

DataEz turns your healthcare or life sciences business into a data-driven enterprise focused on innovation

Data lake and data analytics in healthcare is transforming the way the healthcare providers identify and treat illness, improve quality of life and avoid preventable deaths. The drive now is to understand as much as possible about a patient to facilitate the diagnosis of serious illness earlier to implement a more effective, less expensive treatment. To accomplish this task, a secured, cost optimized, and future-proof data ecosystem is essential.

What is the best technology approach to harness Big Data?

We've evaluated your tech options and provide benchmarks for the systems that can enhance your data management strategy most effectively.

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“The HTI team was exceptionally accommodating and flexible with our project needs. The success of our Ambulatory build is in large part because of our HTI consultants. Go Live support team were outstanding!”

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