Are You Ready To Unlock a Better Digital Front Door?

Harness HCTI Digital Front Door (DFD) mobile app and reimagine healthcare experiences to enhance patient interaction, increase patient retention, drive loyalty, reduce costs, and empower patients across all digital touchpoints.

Today’s healthcare organizations are patient-centric, driven by consumerism—patients value the convenience of care, ease of scheduling appointments, and expect omnichannel experience (meet them where they are) across every touchpoint. Keeping up with accelerated digital transformation can be daunting, but Healthcare Triangle alleviates the pressure. 

Healthcare Triangle helps you better serve your patients by designing and building a successful, intuitive Digital Front Door mobile app that personalizes patient experiences and provides convenient and intuitive access to care.

Unlocking Your Digital Front Door with HCTI’s Mobile-First Approach

Healthcare Triangle’s feature-rich mobile-first solution empowers healthcare organizations to take the next step in evolving healthcare towards providing hyper-personalized patient experiences while optimizing greater operational and staff efficiencies and extending access beyond an organization’s facilities, essentially, “Healthcare Anywhere.”

The Digital Advantage for Patients

Leverage a mobile-first solution to set up a safe, customer-centric experience that puts the patient’s needs first and foremost.

Appointment Scheduling

The next-gen appointment scheduler reduces appointment no-shows, lowers manual patient outreach, and simplifies patient-to-provider communication.

COVID-19-Related Resources​

HCTI is committed to making healthcare safe and accessible during the pandemic. Manage vaccine programs and care visits in an organized, safe environment without burdening your staff.​

Health Tracker

Help patients track heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, exercise level, etc.

Test Results

Share test results quickly, directly, and securely to patients.

Medications Refill

Allow prescription refill requests and progress tracking.

The Digital Advantage for Patients

Billing & Payment Management

Enable patients to securely make payments directly from the comfort of their digital device and using the payment method of their choice.

Secure Messaging

Enable real-time, secure messaging between patients, providers, and administrative staff.

Alerts & Reminders

Notify and remind patients about upcoming appointments, tests, and procedures and quick navigation to the hospital.


Get treatment from anywhere via message within an hour.

Location-based Services

Allow patients to locate Community Hospitals.

For Health Systems and IDNs, our customized Digital Front Door mobile app based on MyChart powered by Epic Systems is a realization of digitization, automation, and personalization of patient interactions with their chosen and preferred providers. The Digital Front Door mobile app meets the rising demands for better scalability, more security, higher performance, and easier manageability—with reduced costs.

The Digital Advantage for Providers

HCTI’s feature-rich mobile app solution provides real benefits that bring your facility to the future of healthcare.

Enhanced Productivity

Digital patient intake eliminates inefficiencies related to manual tasks and paperwork throughout care teams to improve productivity.

Expanded Patient Retention & Loyalty

Convenience of access to test results, appointments, etc., may drive the patient to prefer using the hospital system with the DFD instead of a competitive health system.

Patient/Doctor MyChart Workflow Integration

Seamless integration of MyChart SDK from Epic into the hospital's and doctor's workflows.

Marketing Carousel

Promote ease of app customization according to the hospital’s brand/guidelines and allow promotion of the providers’ content to the current and potential patients.

Exclusive Access

Allow the patient access to one hospital system vs. the MyChart App, which authorizes access to a competitor.


Use Epic APIs to immediately register a patient and set them up with a MyChart login.

Suresh Venkatachari

Our Digital Front Door mobile app takes a modern approach to healthcare, delivering digital-first, patient-centric experiences, adapting to the needs of healthcare consumers, and putting them in the front seat of their care journey.

Suresh Venkatachari,

Chairman and CEO of Healthcare Triangle.

Ready to deliver value-centered care? HCTI’s Digital Front Door mobile app helps leading hospitals and healthcare providers improve patient engagement.

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