Healthcare Triangle Facilitates Secure Data Sharing for Drug Discovery Through Neutral Zone

A neutral zone for collaborative research is one that is HIPAA-compliant, prevents data leaks, and leads to new breakthroughs in drug discovery for disease targets with high unmet need.

PLEASANTON, Calif., July 05, 2022., Healthcare Triangle Inc., (Nasdaq: HCTI) (“HCTI” or the “Company”) enables collaborative data sharing and analysis through “neutral zone”. A neutral zone for data collaborative research revolutionizes personalized medicine in healthcare and life sciences.

From discovery of a key enzyme that makes DNA sequencing possible to discovery of a “treasure trove” of DNA clues about what causes cancer, advancements in medical science have the potential to propel personalized medicine. Key to this effort: the ability to share data—including among competitors—to fuel healthcare innovation. Now, the use of a “neutral zone”, supported by DataEz, a third-party secure data platform provider for collaborative data sharing and analysis enables organizations to work together on medical discovery without sacrificing the security of PHI.

With a neutral zone, innovation no longer depends solely on the ability of one company to capture and analyze data. Instead, organizations partner with a third-party algorithm provider to create a secure area where AI, machine learning and other advanced algorithms may be applied to the data. It’s an approach that protects the security of the data as well as each organization’s intellectual property (IP). It also positions organizations to harness the power of patient data at scale—their own and those of data research collaborators.

Neutral zone gives organizations the ability to allow access to specific data only to the algorithm that will analyze the data for research. The data are essentially “shared but sealed.” The raw data are never disclosed, and data owners can control which portions of a data set are used and how they are used.

“This provides pharmaceutical and bio-science companies to access and share data in a secure environment for purposes of personalized medicine research and drug discovery. It paves way for faster, more accurate analysis of disease and personalized treatment, and improved understanding of complex conditions,” says Suresh Venkatachari, CEO of Healthcare Triangle.

At a time when 70% of decision makers for data and data analytics are expanding their use of external data, with another 17% planning to do so by the end of 2022 (according to Forrester report), a neutral zone supports access to a broad range of data—from real-world evidence to information from clinical trials—as well as data science capabilities in days rather than months. This accelerates personalized medicine. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased ease in establishing a foundation for cloud-based research
  • Enhanced compliance with HIPAA, HITRUST, and more
  • Greater flexibility and agility in establishing short-term and long-term partnership arrangements for healthcare discovery

“There is a need in the market for a third-party organization to be the ‘glue’ that brings the other parties together for collaborative research and analysis in a neutral environment. These organizations are not interested in each other’s data. They are interested in the insights that can be gained by pooling their data for AI analysis. That’s the value of a neutral zone engineered on DataEz platform,” says Anand Kumar, Senior Vice President – Head of Cloud Solutions, Healthcare Triangle.

Here’s how a neutral zone for data collaborative research and sharing is accelerating personalized medicine in healthcare and life sciences:

    1. 1. Sets the stage for collaborative research without sacrificing security of IP or PHI
    1. 2. Establishes a reliable data engineering infrastructure for innovation
    1. 3. Speeds up decentralization and industrialization of clinical trials

Want to learn more about ways to advance data collaboration and research in life sciences and healthcare organizations using a neutral zone? Our whitepaper on “Life Sciences Data Collaboration Is Accelerating. Why a ‘Neutral Zone’ Should Be Top of Mind” provides further insights.

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