Convergence of Digital Technology Platforms for Business & Research

Pharma and Lifesciences companies are embarking on initiatives with the ultimate moonshot goal of changing the way drugs are developed. This goal is being achieved through endeavors such as personalized health care, precision medicine, digital health, real-world evidence, etc. under the purview of regulatory standards like GxP, Sunshine Act, HIPAA, DSCSA, GDPR.

However, Digital Technology platforms are hard to build. Organizations stepping into this transformation face multiple challenges across a selection of technology platforms, agile methodologies, DevOps best practices, security, compliance, team building, niche skillsets, and many more. HCLS organizations need to balance the above risks with the need to drive revenue and cost savings for their core business.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How businesses have used digital transformation for business growth, efficiency, and cost optimization
  • Building an always current Digital Technology Platform
  • Transforming from SysOps to DevOps
  • Expediting Business and Research activities for drug discovery and development

Webinar Speaker

Sudish Mogli

Sudish Mogli

Chief Technology Officer
Healthcare Triangle

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