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Leveraging Blockchain in Life Sciences for Track & Trace Compliance

Creating end-to-end visibility in supply chain management and maintaining prescription drug traceability and integrity holds utmost importance in the pharmaceutical industry, which is currently accelerated by the mandatory compliance of the Drug Supply Chain Act (DSCSA).

In a recent webinar hosted by Healthcare Triangle, industry leaders
Raj Srinivas, Chief Technology Officer at Blockedge.io, and Marshall Brickeen, Global Head at AWS discussed the key strategies to stay compliant with DSCSA standards and how multi-cloud/multi-chain blockchain platform be deployed and managed to tackle the issues around counterfeit/expired drugs.

Watch the on-demand webinar to gain insights into:

  • Blockchain initiatives currently underway in Pharma & LS vertical
  • DSCSA and Track & Trace compliance
  • Blockchain adoption challenges
  • Acceleration of blockchain adoption

Webinar Speakers

Raj Srinivas

CTO, Blockedge.io

Marshall Brickeen

Global Lead, AWS

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On-Demand Webinar

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