On Demand Webinar

Powering the Healthcare Digital Front Door for Improved Patient Engagement

Webinar Speaker

Ryan M. Sommers
VP, Client Success, HCTI

The evolving healthcare consumer engagement landscape has pushed healthcare technology leaders to realize the need for an effective Digital Front Door (DFD) mobile app that puts patients at the heart of the digital healthcare experience.

In a recent webinar hosted by Healthcare Triangle, our expert discussed how healthcare technology leaders can hasten digitalization by leveraging the Digital Front Door (DFD) mobile app solution. The webinar highlights the pivotal steps for enhancing Epic MyChart patient engagement and retention with an effective Digital Front Door mobile app.

Watch the on-demand webinar to gain insights into:

  • Health IT components of a proactive Digital Front Door (DFD) adoption
  • The key challenges related to DFD and how healthcare organizations can overcome them
  • How HCTI’s Digital Front Door mobile app empowers organizations to take the next step in evolving healthcare
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