Global Leader in Pharmaceuticals & Diagnostics Industry Utilized Healthcare Triangle’s Data Analytics Platform for Advanced Research

The Client

Healthcare Triangle’s customer is a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics and a leader in personalized healthcare. They are the world’s largest biotech company with differentiated medicines and specialize in in-vitro diagnostics, tissue-based cancer diagnostics, and are a frontrunner in diabetes management. They focus on advancing science to improve human life and continue to search for better ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. They also aim to improve patient access to medical innovations through collaboration with suitable stakeholders.

The Need

Our customer has a vast data lake and is involved in several collaborative initiatives with other healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. They were not able to rapidly deploy data analytics capabilities for their use cases and unable to govern data access. They were looking for a solution that will be able to:

  • Rapidly spin up a data analytics platform with high levels of compliance and security
  • Manage access to the platform and datasets
  • Ingest data from internal and external sources and update the data catalog

Reasons for Choosing Healthcare Triangle

Healthcare Triangle has been engaged with the customer in several cloud and data initiatives and was instrumental in establishing the multi-cloud enterprise foundation for the entire organization. We designed, developed, and deployed their infrastructure and data analytics platform capable of managing entire data pipelines, including ingestion, securing, metadata extraction, PHI and PII detection and tokenization, data quality controls, data cataloging, and advanced analysis. HCTI took both the platforms through multiple external audits.

The Solution

HCTI designed and developed a data analytics platform, which can be deployed with a single-click to internal and external organizations, enabling collaborative research to advance drug development and achieve personalized healthcare. Capabilities of this platform include:

  • Secure computing infrastructure (HPC Cluster, RStudio Containers, S3 Scratch Space, Access Request Portal, Dashboards, Searchable and Queryable Metadata UI)
  • Secure access to cleaned, validated, linked, annotated, enhanced, and transformed data with ready insights and enhanced views for deep learning and algorithmic analysis
  • Data pipeline management for fine-tuning ingestion, security, and quality of the datasets


  • Time taken to deploy a comprehensive data and data analytics platform for PHI & PII level data is reduced from 10 weeks to about 2 weeks
  • Rapid deployment of a fully secure and compliant data analytics platform for collaborative initiatives
  • Ability to control access to datasets at an organizational level


Global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics


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