HITRUST Certified Cloud Operations Solutions for Life Sciences and Healthcare

HCTI’s cloud operations solutions for HCLS relies on hyperautomation and cloud bots by leveraging cloud DevOps for innovation and maturation while ensuring continuous compliance & governance.

Life sciences, pharmaceutical, and healthcare organizations are rapidly moving to the cloud, quickly realizing the complexity and difficulty associated with managing and operating a compliant cloud foundation environment. Each day informed precise decisions must be made. One of the biggest challenges is transforming the HCLS organization from IT operations to software development driven. As a result, companies are forced to spend considerably more on cloud adoption that was originally anticipated

HCTI collaboratively worked year after year with 3 of the top 5 global biotech, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies and as their trusted advisor, strategically developed a cost-effective cloud operations solution. Our next-gen, end-to-end multi-cloud operations solutions/services for healthcare and life sciences help design, migrate, run, and optimize cloud environments, including data, infrastructure, and applications.

Why HCTI Cloud Operations Solutions for Your Organization?

Broad & deep core cloud infrastructure expertise

Zero-touch delivery governance

Proven reduction in operational costs

Robust, round-the-clock cloud support

HCTI cloud operations


Hyperautomation is one of the cornerstones in the cloud operations solutions. HCTI has successfully automated multiple critical business processes around regulated cloud operations including solution deployment and management, compliance artifact generation & management and governance. Through leveraging capabilities across AI, machine learning, event-driven software, robotic process automation, and other types of decision process and task automation capabilities, HCTI’s primary objective is to automate everything that can and should be automated.

Cloud Bots

Cloud bots further improve the overall efficiency of the hyper automation by introducing autonomous and event driven actions to interact with the organizations cloud footprint. These cloud bots can act and interact with each stage in an established process. These include but not limited to:

  • Adverse event detection
  • Rolling back changes to infrastructure
  • Qualifying deployed services & infrastructure
  • Validating deployed services & infrastructure
  • Periodically clean up unused infrastructure

Business Accelerators

HCTI has an extensive library of infrastructure, configuration & orchestration code (cloud business accelerators) to streamline the management of your cloud Infrastructure & operational challenges. These accelerators can be deployed individually or together. We have many accelerators, including but not limited to :

Cloud Infrastructure & Services

Secure & compliant infrastructure as code templates for all cloud provider services. Tagging and cost management are built into the templates.

Compliant and Secure Compute and Container Images

Hardened compute and container images for all leading cloud providers. Compliant with HITRUST regulations.

Configuration Management Toolkits

Configuration management for infrastructure and cloud services.

Code Orchestration Toolkits

Ready to deploy code orchestration toolkits covering repository, test automation, orchestration etc.

Security & Compliance Scripts for Cloud Environments

Scripts to set harden cloud provider accounts and environments.

Cloud Optimization

Optimize performance, cost, security and ensure compliance throughout the cloud journey through built -in control across our accelerators.

Cloud DevOps for Innovation & Maturation

Cloud DevOps for Innovation & Maturation (CDIM) is critical to ensure that life sciences and healthcareorganizations are not only able to keep up with the demand but stay ahead of the innovation curve. In order to keep pace with the innovations being delivered by the cloud providers, HCLS organizations have to embrace cloud DevOps. Our build, operate and enhance methodology allows us to consistently and securely scale up cloud operations through rapid development and delivery of code.

Based on our experience in deploying multi-cloud infrastructure for life sciences and healthcare organizations, we advised how critical it is to build the cloud foundation from the ground up utilizing infrastructure code and adhering to cloud DevOps principles, including agile development practices and CICD deployment pipelines. Our extensive library of code artifacts (cloud business accelerators) allows us to deploy best in class technology rapidly, consistently and securely.

Security and Compliance

We ensure that your mission critical, compliant and regulated workloads on the cloud are secure and continuously meet industry standard required security and compliance regulations.  Our HITRUST certified secures cloud framework provides comprehensive dashboards, bots, alerts & notifications and security & compliance controls which have proven not only to meet but more importantly, exceed even the most stringent security regulations and audits.

  • HITRUST certified platforms & operations
  • Continuously compliant to meet HIPAA, GxP & GDPR regulations
  • Automated compute and environment hardening
  • Defense in depth
  • Cloud business accelerators with built-in security & compliance controls

Operational Models

  • 8X5 and 24X7 operational models
  • Industry leading SLAs and response times
  • Trained and qualified personnel to handle PHI & PII data


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