Healthcare Triangle’s Roadmap to Fast and Risk-free SAP Migration to AWS/AZURE

Achieve Scalability, Cost Efficiency, Agility and Resiliency

Why Cloud(AWS/AZURE) to Get the Best of
your SAP Workloads?

SAP is critical for the operations of many businesses; therefore, SAP production changes has to be cautiously handled. This requires non-production systems to prototype and test changes. Moving SAP landscape to cloud enables to scale up and scale down capacity, robust disaster recovery, automatic software updates and free capital expenditure. Enterprise IT teams can prototype systems in parallel and isolate networks, cost effectively. This further enables faster release cycle of prototypes through development and test environments. Whether it is to lift and shift a SAP landscape to reduce costs or innovate the infrastructure around SAP, Healthcare Triangle with its next-gen cloud technological expertise in AWS/AZURE can accelerate your SAP transformation.

Key Benefits Achieved During Migration of SAP into Cloud(AWS/AZURE)

Simplified Migration

Post configuration of source environment, virtual machines can be simply migrated by scheduling replication jobs. The replication process is handled automatically when the replication job is executed.

Simplified Migration
Incremental Migration

Incremental Migration

Server Migration Service can replicate a live environment incrementally, which can speed up the migration process significantly and allows to run production environment while it’s being replicated to the Cloud.

Parallel Migration

Multiple virtual machines can be migrated in parallel. With this capability, a complete landscape with all development systems can be migrated at one go.

Parallel Migration

Minimized Downtime

There is no/ minimal impact on production operations during incremental replication.

Healthcare Triangle’s Advanced Suite of SAP Migration Services(AWS/Azure)

SAP Migration to Cloud

HCTI offers assessment and SAP migration services that provides your business the insights and roadmap for a smooth migration to

cloud with latest tools Azure Site Recovery, Cloud Endure, AWS migration services, snowball and snowmobile.

ECC to S4 HANA Migration

HCTI analyses, optimises and migrates enterprise legacy systems to the latest S/4 HANA or a new version of SAP to leverage maximum ROI from SAP investment with either Green field or Brownfield methodologies.


HCTI uses most optimized approach (HANA Classical or SAP DMO with system move) to migrate any DB from other platforms to AWS/Azure.


HCTI leverages HSR, backup and restore for migration of SAP HANA from other platforms to Azure/AWS

Oracle to Oracle

HCTI will enable Cloud Endure, Database migration services for AWS and Azure Site Recovery (ASR), SWPM services for Azure to migrate oracle DB from other platforms to AWS/Azure.

Legacy system migration to SAP

HCTI migrates legacy system applications (Non SAP) to SAP application with Green field and Data loading methodologies.


HCTI identifies and outlines business and technological benefits of the upgrade and prepares for a step-by-step upgrade plan ensuring smooth and timely execution.

Next-Generation IT Management Services for Successful SAP Transformation on AWS/AZURE

HCTI enables efficient and end-to-end IT management of SAP environment by certified cloud professionals that includes:

  • Pro-active monitoring and incident management
  • Problem, change and configuration management
  • Asset management, patch management
  • Implementation/migration support
  • Continuous support and availability management
  • Stringent SLAs and certified professionals


SAP Migration to Public Cloud

Roadmap to Ensure Successful SAP Migration to Public Cloud

Sap Migration

Healthcare Triangle Assisted Leading Global Pharma Player in Deploying Complex SAP infrastructure to AWS Cloud

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