CloudEz - HITRUST Certified, Fully Managed, Secure & Compliant Cloud Foundation Platform-as-a-Service

Adopt our Pre-fabricated, HITRUST Certified, Fully Managed, Secure & Compliant Cloud Foundation Platform for Healthcare & Life sciences Organizations of any size

Why choose a Pre-Fabricated platform to save you from Financial & Reputational costs of Non-compliance ?

World’s top Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations trust Healthcare Triangle’s CloudEz platform-as-a-service. CloudEz is offered as a fully managed pay-as-you-go service with built in security & compliance controls, to power your cloud for business and innovation to get the most of your existing IT investments!

CloudEz is continuously compliant, which ensures automated qualification & validation of the cloud infrastructure prior to deploying your applications.

CloudEz gives you the framework to build a unique IP-driven, Automation-centric, Cloud-agnostic operations & management and Self-serve Cloud infrastructure and service platform.

The Advantages include

  • Fully Managed secure & compliant Infrastructure & services
  • Rapidly request qualified infrastructure with a few simple clicks
  • Meet growing business demands and set up workflows that address security, compliance and governance needs enterprise-wide
  • Deploy your application in an agile manner with our industry leading DevOps best practices and processes
  • Integrated Cloud operations, security, and service management tools
  • Kickstart your foray into the cloud with our tested repository of compliant applications through our extensive service catalog

Reasons to choose CloudEz

  • Fully Managed Infrastructure on demand
  • HITRUST Certified
  • Dedicated Tenancy for each customer
  • Automatic Orchestration of Compliant Infrastructure
  • Containerized compute infrastructure
  • 24 X 7 Monitoring and Alerting Capabilities
  • Trained and Certified Managed Services for PHI and PII data operations

Steps involved in On-boarding CloudEz

  • Customer request is received
  • Cloud Infrastructure Platform is deployed and ready for application on boarding
    • BAA is executed for PHI PII level data
  • Development & Operations team starts to develop and deploy business use cases to the secure infrastructure
  • Cloud applications goes live

CloudEz – HITRUST Certified, Fully Managed, Secure & Compliant Cloud Foundation


Developing a Future-Forward Digital Strategy in Life Sciences 

CloudEz Architecting Enterprise Cloud for Digital Transformation & Innovation

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