Data Lake

Securely unite disparate data systems across your hospital, health system or life sciences enterprise so you can perform powerful analysis that can lead to improved patient outcomes.

Connect Disparate Data Sources and Unlock Insights

Your vision of a highly efficient data lake can quickly turn into a data swamp if not done thoughtfully and strategically. Healthcare Triangle helps you methodically combine proprietary, real-time, and unstructured data with publically available data. We normalize and catalog all data sources and deliver it in a format that enables your entire organization to perform better analysis and uncover insights that can advance care, improve outcomes, and save your organization's valuable people and financial resources.

Future proof your Data Lake and Data Analytics Pipeline

Our Cloud-agnostic platform is structured to fit your organization's budget and unique requirements

  • Data quality and integrity ensured at every stage of the process
  • Save value internal resources: Keep your IT team focused on pressing needs across your organization
  • Safe environment: Fully audited to meet compliance standards
  • Visualizations: API-based connectivity to any preferred business intelligence or visualization tool.
  • Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning

Ready to Put Your Data to Work?

Data Backup

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Public Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery for Healthcare Organizations



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