Healthcare IT Managed Services

Is your Hospital IT overstretched? Let our end-to-end managed services team take care of your routine IT tasks and let your IT team focus on strategic priorities.

Modern healthcare provider organizations need to balance their focus between their core strategic initiatives along with the day-to-day support and maintenance of their IT applications. Many times, IT organizations end up with almost exclusively focused on “keeping the lights on” rather than focusing on important strategic projects and innovation.

Recruiting, developing and retaining healthcare IT talent is challenging enough without squandering them on mundane, but still important, maintenance tasks.

HCTI’s End-to-End Healthcare IT Managed Services

Our experienced teams of experts provide healthcare IT managed services with a flexible remote support model that can free your in-house IT team from day-to-day tasks. We offer end-to-end Healthcare IT Managed Services, with a focus on improving end-user experience, increasing efficiency and helping you drive results from your strategic IT initiatives.

Healthcare Application Managed Services

We provide:

  • Support services to manage EHRs
  • Support services for 100+ third party applications (e.g. PACS, OnBase, etc.)
  • Legacy support
  • New EHR transition services
  • And more…
Patient Application Managed Services
Infrastructure as a Service

Technology Provisioning

We provide complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and also support you in managing specific on premises infrastructure or simple daily tasks like server patching and upgrades, reporting, data center support and testing, etc. depending on your specific technology/application support requirement.

Technology Outsourcing

We take care of holistic IT management in your health IT system. We manage, provision and support any EHR (Epic, MEDITECH, Cerner, etc.) and host in data center or the public cloud depending on your needs.

Leave your Healthcare IT to us and focus on core management initiatives

We provide you with access to clinical experts, finance experts and technology experts to support you across applications with a flexible resourcing and pricing model where you choose a blend of resources based on your needs.

Not in need of full Health IT applications support… Get help for tasks you need!

Healthcare IT Applications Supports

Why Healthcare Triangle as your Trusted Managed Services Partner?

We offer comprehensive managed services to support healthcare providers’ IT needs. Our Managed Services can help you handle fluctuations in-demand or backlogs caused by challenges in recruiting and retaining in-house talent. Healthcare Triangle’s managed services offers:

How Our Customers Progress Healthcare With Us

Kootenai Health Successfully Transitions to Application Management Services with HCTI

Healthcare Triangle's End to End Healthcare IT Managed Services

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