Multi Cloud Foundation Accelerators

Secure, Compliant & Cost Optimized Accelerators to Drive Innovation

Large life sciences enterprises choose multi-cloud strategy to increase agility & flexibility, minimize vendor lock-in, take advantage of best-in-breed solutions and improve cost efficiencies. As they rapidly move to the cloud, organizations realize the complexity and difficulty associated with managing and operating a compliant multi- cloud foundation platform. Each day informed and precise decisions must be made. One of the biggest challenges is transforming the organization from IT operations to software development driven in order to be successful. Ready built software accelerators allow healthcare & life sciences organization to get a head start on the deployment of a secure and compliant cloud foundation platform.

The graph shows the evolution of cloud transformation software and the methodology we used to develop these accelerators, forecasting the technology advancements that lies ahead of the curve.

Enterprise Cloud Transformation

Repository of Pre-Built Accelerators

Healthcare Triangle has a vast repository of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Accelerators which can be used instantly off-the-shelf to build consistent infrastructure foundations across any of the leading cloud providers. This allows you to focus on seamless deployment of your enterprise applications on this baseline secure environment. IaC further allows you to rapidly customize the foundation as per your requirements. You can automate repeatable tasks and deploy entire environments in a secure and compliant architecture using these IaC accelerators.

Built for Enterprise

Our Multi Cloud Foundation Accelerators are specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry compliance and security standards. By having a baseline environment as foundation using these available accelerators, you can be assured that best practices for key security and governance controls are implemented.

Save Time and Resources with Pre-built Accelerators

With our Multi Cloud Foundation Accelerators, you will save about 80% of your time and resources that is involved in developing repeatable code artifacts and patterns for your cloud. Instead, you can focus only on the customizations that are unique to your enterprise workloads, allowing your developers to move faster, and reduce time to market.

Choose your Adoption Strategy

Every template from our Multi Cloud Foundation Accelerators can be used independently. You can select patterns that are suitable for your organization’s needs and augment new ones as your environment evolves. The accelerators can be deployed together and customized easily to suit your organization’s needs.

Maintain Consistency Easily

By adopting our Multi Cloud Foundation Accelerators, you can be assured that different teams are deploying their applications and environments using a uniform set of tools and patterns, thereby, reducing the potential misconfigurations and inconsistencies while allowing easier collaboration across different teams.

List of Accelerators


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