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Turn faxes, scanned documents, and blocks of text into healthcare information and use automation to act. Simply put, reads this data and extracts the information that is important to you and integrates with your EHR.


Despite significant investments in electronic health records, paper, faxes and unstructured reports are still a common way to share information about patients as they navigate the healthcare system. Because of the paper-intensive nature and need for efficient management of information, while ensuring data security, healthcare organizations demand an advanced automation solution for image recognition, document analysis, and automation.

Medical Document Automation Solution – uses state-of-the-art public cloud artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize and extract healthcare information from documents, faxes and narrative reports. Including in your workflow streamlines the process to improve patient care and clinical efficiencies while maintaining security and confidentiality. Our AI powered document processing solution lets you focus on higher-value activities related to patient care than document processing. Because uses the public cloud, the AI and language processing models are continually evolving and improving.

Cost Reduce

Cost reduction through labor savings

Document processing

Streamlined patient care through faster processing


Accuracy through the latest AI and language processing models

Scalability cloud

Scalability through the public cloud

Documents Processed in Less than 3 Minutes

Latest AI and Language Processing Models Help Achieve 99% Accuracy

Automatically Categorized and Patient Identified for Over 80% of Documents

Roughly 1/3 Reduction in Effort Per Document

How Works uses the latest in AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to intelligently extract information from faxes, scanned documents and narrative text and automates routing and action.

Medical Document Automation

Key Features

Adhered Security

Meets or Exceeds Security Standards for Handling of Protected Health Information


Web Browser Presentation


Integration to the EHR & other Key Applications


Single-Sign-On Support to Streamline User Experience

Some of the Applications We Support

Insurance claims

Medical Claims

Lab results

Outside Results


Referrals and Orders


Vaccination Records


Prescription Refills

Blood drive

Medical Forms


Legacy System Archiving


With advanced document capture, image recognition and analysis capabilities, powered by AI/ML and NLP, streamlines healthcare workflows/processes and ensures the necessary health information is available for patient care with reduced labor requirements and faster processing.

Suresh Venkatachari

The power of AI and NLP at the core of enables healthcare organizations derive patient care insight from unstructured information and speed up care delivery. 

Suresh Venkatachari,

Chairman and CEO of Healthcare Triangle. 

Are you facing challenges categorizing and extracting patient and clinical information from faxes, PDFs, images, and scans?

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Frequently Asked Questions is a cloud-based solution developed by Healthcare Triangle (HCTI) for healthcare organizations that assists with the intake, identification and routing of documents received by healthcare organizations. These documents are often faxes or scanned documents. uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to review the document, categorize the document and extract relevant information, such as patient information, from the document to support faster and more accurate processing.

Yes. has been designed from the start to meet or exceed HIPAA and HITRUST standards for information security. All data is encrypted both in motion and at rest. Audit logs are maintained for all activities. Access is through individual user authentication. Each customer’s instance of is deployed in a segregated cloud environment (Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)). A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) will be entered into by the customer and HCTI.

Yes. is trained on each customer’s documents to recognize the types or categories of documents received by that customer.
Yes. uses FHIR APIs or HL7 to integrate with a customer’s EHR. This includes patient information validation and workflows.
Yes, can support both a centralized and decentralized document processing workflow. allows customers to assign access to documents based on receiving location so users can be assigned to work specific locations or all locations. is billed by pages processed each month. This allows the product’s cost to scale up and down with volume in the organization. A startup fee is also required to cover efforts to setup environment for the customer and train the model.

  • Contact Healthcare Triangle at
  • is also available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.
  • is a cloud based service.  A small on-premises virtual server is required to monitor and process files as they are delivered to various network folders.
  • To access, a computer with a modern web browser is required.  There is no software required on the workstation.
  • As of now, is optimized to work best on a desktop computer / monitor.
Yes, because each customer is deployed in their own private cloud environment, various customizations can be made for customer needs. Note that these customizations may change pricing.
Generally, can be implemented in 90 days. This timeline can decrease or increase depending on scope and complexity.

HCTI provides ongoing support to customers. E-mail and phone support is provided during US business hours with on-call support available after-hours.

Training options include virtual training classes and robust documentation. Optional on-site training is available but generally not required.
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