Healthcare Providers

As you continue to evolve to value based care, work with a partner focused on helping you reduce costs, improve quality, and deliver the best care possible.

Innovation and expertise meet to help you advance healthcare.

Technology should be the last thing that comes between you and your facility's ability to provide the best care possible.

We have helped hospitals and health systems get the most out of their healthcare IT investments for decades. We'll work side by side to ensure you have confidence in your technology and can unlock insights from your data so you can remain focused on what matters most – the patient.

Technological Confidence

Healthcare IT resources are stretched thin. Competing priorities make it difficult to optimize your IT stack. Healthcare Triangle can help you realize more value from your current investments and empower you to lead your hospital's digital transformation.

  • IT Strategy and Planning

    Tap into our expertise to build your technology roadmap.

  • Compliant Cloud

    As AWS, Azure, and Google cloud partners, we deliver next generation technology built on a regulatory compliance foundation.

  • EHR Consulting

    Get the most out of your Epic or MEDITECH investment.

  • EHR Hosting

    Host your EHR solution end-to-end On-Premise/ Cloud/Hybrid Environment & Disaster Recovery.

  • Back up and Disaster Recovery

    Gain peace of mind with secure and reliable systems to protect your hospital's data assets.


    Advanced automatic capture solution powered by Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing.

Working to connect multiple public cloud solutions?

Download our white paper discussing our vendor-agnostic approach.

Data Enlightenment

Optimize your organization's data strategy to unlock insights with the potential to improve both your business and care delivery systems.

  • Data Management Platform

    Make sense of big data with a platform that enables you to search, analyze and share actionable insights.

  • Data Lake

    Implement a data strategy that connects and catalogs your proprietary, public, and real-time data.

  • Analytics

    Leverage AI and machine learning to derive insights for care delivery and operational improvement.

  • API Integration

    Integrate your tools and databases with applications to automate processes and increase efficiency.

What is the best technology approach to harness Big Data?

We've evaluated your tech options and provide benchmarks for the systems that can enhance your data management strategy most effectively.

Business Agility

Optimize the performance of your processes, tools, and people to reduce costs and improve quality across your healthcare organization.

  • Performance Improvement

    Leverage performance data to analyze program effectiveness and improve the patient experience.

  • Care Delivery Optimization

    Gain insights on cost and utilization and master reimbursement models to make your hospital more profitable.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Build an effective supply chain system to help reduce costs and improve care.

  • Resourcing and Staffing

    Manage labor gaps with project resourcing, operational staffing, and interim leadership options.

This is what progress looks like


Covid-19 created an urgent need to quickly redesign and implement a remote Go-LIVE support model.

Healthcare Providers

A hospital discovers a more accurate process for tracking provider documentation compliance

Epic Optimization

How one hospital trained physcians to spend less time in the system and more time with patients

Alert Fatigue

This hospital made alerts more meaningful by reducing triggers by 40%

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