• A Fully Managed, Secure & Compliant AI Engineering & Analytics Platform-as-a-Service
  • Offers highly Modular, Scalable and API-driven Solution to Enable AI Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Security, Compliance and Derive Meaningful Insights out of your Datasets

Digital Transformation for Data Lake and Data Analytics Pipeline!

Digital Transformation in HCLS requires digitizing large amounts of legacy data & processes. Moreover, the adoption of Business process automation requires complex integrations with disparate tools and solutions. This means that currently Data driven decision making is challenged by the capability of collecting and managing Data at scale. For HCLS, the added constraints of accounting for Security & Compliance controls for PHI and PII level of Data must be factored in. Managing such complex entities is cumbersome and not cost effective. HCTI has helped many healthcare and Life Sciences companies to meet and exceed these challenges by offering a highly modular, scalable, secure, and compliant AI Engineering & Analytics platform in the form of DataEz.

DataEz offered -as-a-service, allows you to focus on your data and its meaningful insights. The DataEz framework is highly modular, scalable, HITRUST certified and API driven, where Data ingested in the platform is tested for quality based on customized rules, classified for PHI/PII and tokenized or anonymized. Ingested data is cataloged and its provenance captured for search and discovery. Our core foundational components of the platform are deployed as microservices to build automated end to end data pipelines, leveraging APIs. Hence, data scientists/data engineers can automate the entire process from ingestion to analysis in a single CLICK. You can deploy and operate our cost-effective data analytics platform, DataEz, in days without any loss of scale or functionality.

DataEz Platform and its Capabilities

AI In Healthcare - Use cases

AI is applicable in every aspect of healthcare & life sciences. Including but not limited to:

Currently the adoption of AI is already increasing by contributing significantly to data driven decision support and diagnostics through image analytics, video analytics, text analytics and mining.

Real World Data

Data and Data Analytics in healthcare is transforming the way illnesses are identified and treated, improving quality of life and avoiding preventable deaths. The drive now is to understand as much as possible about a patient through real world data and to be able to diagnose serious illness though advanced predictive modeling or through advanced AI and ML at an early enough stage that treatment is far simpler, and less expensive. For this a compliant, secured, cost optimized, and a future proof Data Ecosystem is essential.

Wearables and Sensors

Wearables and sensor driven aggregation of digital health data is going to be a significant trend in the next decade towards Personalized Healthcare for continuous monitoring of patients through Daily activity logs, Biometric Sensors, Fall Sensors, Social Activity sensors etc. AI and ML models will be capable of predicting onset of illness in advance by processing and analyzing this digital data rapidly. Life Science industries need a data platform that is able to scale with the surge of the upcoming digital data.

Genomics and Sequencing

DNA sequencing made huge strides in the last decade. Studies based on large sequencing datasets appear frequently, and public archives for raw sequencing data have been doubling in size every 18 months. A Data Platform on the cloud provides greater total capacity, and a larger variety of services to ingest, process and gain insights from the data. Life sciences industries will require a future proof data platform as a basic underpinning for large-scale genomics collaborations and for efforts to re-analyze archived data, including privacy-protected data.

Web Cloud

Fully Managed, Secure & Compliant AI Engineering & Analytics
Platform as a Service for Healthcare & Life Sciences in Cloud.


Developing a Future-Forward Digital Strategy in Life Sciences 

Leading Remote Patient Monitoring Service Provider Utilized Healthcare Triangle’s Data Lake Management Platform to Offer Personalized Health Services

Global Leader in Pharmaceuticals & Diagnostics Industry Utilised Healthcare Triangle’s Data Analytics Platform for Advanced Research

Leader and Innovator in Life Science Research and Clinical Diagnostics Market Trusts HCTI’s Advanced Data Analytics Platform to Manage their Data and Derive Meaningful Insights

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