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Blockedge - HITRUST Certified Blockchain Infrastructure

Zero-coding blockchain Infrastructure deployment in just 3 steps

  • Choose Your Blockchain Platform
  • Choose Your Cloud Provider
  • Deploy Blockchain Network in 1-click

Healthcare Triangle’s HITRUST Certified Blockchain Infrastructure, Blockedge reduces the hassles faced by pharma and life sciences organizations by enabling them to focus on organizational goals rather than deploying, managing and optimizing blockchain network.

Blockedge is a blockchain infrastructure management platform that enables zero-coding blockchain node creation and deployment with fully automated on-going operations. This platform is built to automate critical & complex blockchain infrastructure and blockchain-as-a-service to reduce the coupled efforts, risks and costs involved in connecting to other blockchain nodes.

How does it work?

Blockedge combines the minimalism of SaaS and PaaS to offer a secured and scalable enterprise-grade solution that balances other scripts and templates that are used to deploy the blockchain networks. It takes the complications out and enables the process to 5 simple steps, therefore leading the turnaround time to lesser than 5 minutes. Also, it allows the new nodes to easily synchronize on-the-go with other nodes in the network without having to reboot the network. This will allow to form a dedicated cluster of nodes to access thee other blockchain networks in minimal time. Blockedge guarantees a ready-to-build blockchain ecosystem within minutes, along with Continuous Security and Compliance standards maintained.

Deploy Cloud Services

Life sciences and healthcare organizations can choose any public cloud service provider to deploy their blockchain network right from our platform in a click. Blockedge is the preferred partners of the major cloud providers - AWS Premier partner, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud partner, IBM cloud partner. Our advisory services team with their vast experience is available to aid in opting the right cloud provider.

Install & Configure Software Libraries

Select from the broad software library that comprises of 150+ popular third-party software and incorporate with easy plug & play option.

Configure Blockchain Platform

Blockedge is compatible with all major blockchain platforms like Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Corda and along with our cloud agnostic behavior and our team of blockchain experts continuously strive towards ensuring to add more blockchain platforms to the growing list via constant updates.

Launch Blockchain Ecosystem

Now swiftly deploy blockchain solutions in minutes and incorporate with the existing IT platform/applications to form a new network. Also, invite members and join new consortia in few clicks.

Key Differentiators

Zero-Coding Deployment

Blockedge’s intuitive user interface significantly cuts down blockchain deployment efforts and allows enterprises to focus on business innovation.

Fully Automated Operations

This AI-based platform ensures you to automate and scale on-going network operations which includes its underlying global cloud infrastructure and ensures continuous security and compliance throughout.


Multiple Blockchain Platforms

Multiple Cloud Service Providers

Multiple Consensus Protocols

Fully UI Driven Blockchain Operations

Fully Automated Network Management

Fully Advanced Multi-Cloud Management

Continuous Governance

Continuous Compliance

Continuous Security

Benefits of Blockchain

Reduce network deployment time by 80%

Cut down network operational overheads by 60%

Continuous Security, Governance & Compliance

Highly available networks with 24x7 blockchain support

Reduced TCO up to 80% by leveraging automation

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