Healthcare Triangle’s Data Foundation Accelerator

Reusable Capabilities to Untap Hidden Trends in Data to make faster, Intelligent Business Decisions

With the growing amount of data in pharma and life sciences industries, speed and predictability are key to progress on their data and analytics roadmap. With limited resources, these organizations are forced to focus on solving the problems that are unique to their business.

Healthcare Triangle offers a suite of accelerators, that are tangible assets engineered to solve common problems in a reusable way to cut down the effort and risks that come with complex initiatives. Either you are looking to migrate your analytics platform to the cloud or innovate with real-time analytics, we have an accelerator for that to help you leverage data to make intelligent business decisions faster.

Ready-made Accelerators

Healthcare Triangle’s Data Foundation Accelerators offer a set of data operations and analytics accelerators based on data & cloud best practices, for deployment. These templates can be used instantly, off-the-shelf, to build a repeatable enterprise-ready data pipelines. You can automate repeatable tasks and arrange entire data environments in a consistent & compliant manner.

These Accelerators have the following features:

  • Modular and API driven architecture
  • Fully Containerized
  • Elastic & Scale based on the data size
  • Customizable

Enterprise Class

Our Data Foundation Accelerators are specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry data compliance and security standards and to process data at petabyte scale. By having a baseline environment as foundation using these available templates, you can be assured that best practices for key security and governance controls are implemented.

Choose your Adoption Strategy

Every accelerator from our Data Foundation Accelerators can be used independently. You can select patterns that are suitable for your organization needs and augment new ones as your environment evolves. The open-source templates can be split and customized easily to suit your organization’s needs.

Our accelerators range across :

  • Ingestion
  • Data Classification
  • Data Anonymization & Tokenization
  • Data Lineage & Provenance
  • Data Quarantine
  • Data Quality
  • Data Storage
  • Pipeline Orchestration
  • Data Curation & Transformation
  • Data Cataloging
  • Data & Compliance Audit
  • ML Models
  • Interactive notebooks
  • Image Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Video Analytics
  • Conversational AI

Maintain Consistency

By adopting our Data Foundation Accelerators, you can be assured that different teams are deploying their applications and environments using a uniform set of tools and patterns, thereby, reducing the potential misconfigurations and inconsistencies while allowing easier collaboration across different teams.

Healthcare Triangle’s Data Foundation Accelerator


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