Leader and Innovator in Life Science Research and Clinical Diagnostics Market Trusts HCTI’s Advanced Data Analytics Platform to Manage their Data and Derive Meaningful Insights

The Client

Our client is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a broad range of innovative products for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets. They are dedicated to supply high performance research tools for healthcare industry to achieve breakthrough discoveries across geographies.

The Challenge

Data being valuable for our client, the major challenge faced was their data being in proprietary format, it was extremely difficult to perform the following:

  • Data Aggregation & Ingestion
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Data Cleaning & Standardization
  • Creation of a Data Catalog

The Need

Along with the above challenges, our client needed:

  • To create an organization-wide data lake for proprietary (digital assays) datasets, but was unable to do so with above challenges
  • To ingest large quantities of pre-processed and processed files and be able to extract meaningful metadata from them
  • Ability to drive improvement across devices and apply advanced analytics products to obtain meaningful insights from metadata and datasets

Why Healthcare Triangle, Inc. (HCTI)

HCTI has been engaged with this client in several other cloud initiatives where HCTI was instrumental in establishing cloud best practices across the organization. HCTI also demonstrated advanced competency in building and managing cloud infrastructure and data analytics for their advanced analytics products.

The Solution

HCTI designed and developed a Data Analytics Platform, deployed through automation, with the ability to ingest proprietary datasets, standardize and cleanse them, identify and extract metadata, and then store them in a data warehouse for advanced insights generation. The capabilities of this advanced Data Analytics Platform include:

  • Secure computing infrastructure (containers for ingestion & standardization, searchable and query-able metadata UI)
  • Secure access to cleansed, validated, linked, annotated, enhanced, and transformed data with ready insights


The following were the benefits realized by our client:

  • Ability to successfully ingest pre-processed and post processed files and create an organization-wide data lake with a comprehensive data catalog
  • Datasets were aggregated across several proprietary filetypes
  • Developed single UI enabled them to query and locate datasets
  • Data warehouse was capable for querying the entire dataset


Innovator in Life Science Research and Clinical Diagnostics


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