Sage Memorial Hospital Leverages Healthcare Triangle’s Private Cloud Solution to Redefine Patient Experiences

The Client

Sage Memorial serves as the sole provider of healthcare services for a community of approximately 23,000 people, treating patients with a complex payor mix and a list of insurance coverages and programs that range from Medicare/Medicaid, IHS, and Commercial. Today, the Navajo Health Foundation – Sage Memorial Hospital operates a 25-bed hospital in tandem with its ambulatory, dental and field clinics.

The Challenge

With the existing hardware infrastructure to run their legacy MEDITECH EHR Platform coming due for a refresh, Sage looked for more a scalable, cost-effective solution. A private cloud solution that addresses real business needs by combining the benefits of cloud hosting with traditional on-premises solutions and built in managed services, proved to best accommodate their requirements.

The Work

Sage Memorial Hospital went live on Healthcare Triangle’s (HCTI) private cloud solution CareTech Solutions (HTC Global Services Inc.,) with its MEDITECH MAGIC EHR. Sage’s option to use private cloud hosting was based on cost, performance, and efficiency. HCTI’s private cloud solutions are built on best-of-breed technologies, fully redundant with no single point of failure, in a secure MEDITECH certified data center.

HCTI’s private cloud solution (powered by CareTech of Troy, MI) enables healthcare providers to enhance business performance with agility and scalability, through innovative and customized IT services and solutions.

HCTI, in collaboration with CareTech, provides true Private and Hybrid Cloud benefits to its customers through its secure, HIPAA compliant, scalable, and cost-effective data center hosting and managed services built on best-in-class technology.

Together HCTI and CareTech work closely with hospitals and EHR vendors to create a tailored private cloud solution that is flexible, scalable, and reliable. HCTI’s cloud expertise helps bring the cost-effective reliability that Sage demands to meet the challenges of today’s healthcare environment. After the replication process, Healthcare Triangle took one day to complete the migration process. HCTI’s MEDITECH consultants fully tested and validated the new environment throughout the migration process.


With HCTI’s MEDITECH consultants and best practices, Sage Memorial achieved successful, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective EHR hosting in the cloud. Some of the key results achieved by Sage include:

  Cost-effective migration in less than 30 days

  Less than one hour of downtime for the customer base

  Zero loss of data for the changeover

  Ability to stay within budget

  Error-free and flexible migration process

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Sage Memorial Hospital





…We use MAGIC every day and have not experienced any issues since the migration/ implementation project. Healthcare Triangle and CareTech knew our deadline to move from our current vendor, and they met the deadline with little to zero issues.”

Clifton Bia, IT Supervisor,

Sage Memorial Hospital.

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