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Lena kannappan

Lena Kannappan

A visionary leader and serial entrepreneur, Lena is an original founder of SAML 2.0 protocol and Federated Identity Management model, which changed the way identity information is shared between service providers and enabled the huge success of SaaS, Cloud, and Social Networking.
  • Healthcare Interoperability and Secure Ways of Accessing and Exchanging Data
  • Identity and Access Management, Cyber Security Challenges, and How to Respond
  • Data Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning Impacts on Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Integrating De-identified Data Sources for Healthcare
Sudish Mogli

Sudish Mogli

Our Chief Technology Officer has worked with top Life Science and Healthcare enterprises to solve their most pressing technology issues.
  • Accelerating Cloud Transformation and Compliance in Healthcare and Life Sciences
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