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Leveraging AWS to Empower

Backup & Disaster Recovery for MEDITECH

Data is very critical for any healthcare organization and IT disasters such as data center failures, server corruptions, or cyber-attacks can not only disrupt your healthcare operations, but also cause data loss and impact your revenue. Traditionally, healthcare backups rely on tapes which are expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Restoration from tapes can also be unpredictable.

AWS is known for being highly secure, available, elastic and scalable, and using AWS for Backup and Disaster Recovery enables Healthcare organizations to realize better RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) of their healthcare data at lower costs.

Joe Grinstead, Vice President- Technology at Healthcare Triangle Inc., and Gareth Griffiths, Executive Director and RAPid Product Manager at Bridgehead Software in collaboration with Amazon Web Services dive deep into Leveraging AWS to Empower Backup & Disaster Recovery for MEDITECH. This video focuses on protecting MEDITECH, requirements for MEDITECH backup on AWS including performance requirements, depth of backup, and independent copies using Amazon S3 tiering.

Leveraging AWS to Empower Backup & Disaster Recovery for MEDITECH

About Healthcare Triangle’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery from Healthcare Triangle is provided on public cloud and it offers scalability, cost-effectiveness, security and durability. Our advanced Disaster Recovery options are structured to fit your budget and requirements. Reasons why healthcare organizations need to pivot Cloud based MEDITECH or Epic backup & disaster recovery:

  • Non-disruptive, low-effort migration
  • Cost-effective purchase model with pay-as-you-go pricing and minimal upfront capital investments
  • Reduced data center infrastructure footprint
  • Streamlined backup processes, reduced manual effort, predictable retrieval times
  • Data durability: Public cloud storage are designed for 99.999999999% of durability
  • Readiness for applying analytics, AI, and machine learning capabilities to your data
  • No regular refresh cycles of technology
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