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Not Getting the ROI You Expected from the Cloud? Look at Your Operating Model

Not Getting the ROI You Expected from the Cloud? Look at Your Operating Model

By Sudish Mogli - Chief Technology Officer
Sep 13, 2021

According to a recent Accenture analysis, two out of three life sciences organizations struggle to achieve optimal return from their investments in cloud computing. This is unfortunate, considering that the cloud is clearly emerging as a game changer in pharma, biotech, medtech and other companies in this space. In pharma alone, the cloud computing market is expected to reach $12.1 billion in 2022, up from $4.7 billion in 2017.

Not Just Another Data Center

In my experience, I have found two major reasons for this failure to maximize opportunities afforded by the cloud. One is that many life sciences companies treat the cloud as an extension of their on-premises, legacy IT systems. They simply migrate the processes and procedures defined for their data into the cloud. But carrying legacy processes to the cloud essentially transfers them to another site without receiving any of the benefits of the cloud.

Inadequate Security

The other is that these companies take on much—if not all—of the security and compliance responsibility of cloud operations themselves. Regardless of which cloud service provider is being used, security and compliance measures fall to the customer—security of its data, its platform, applications, identity access management, firewall monitoring operations, traffic server encryption, and any other aspects of cloud-based operations. This is a heavy lift for any organization, and it starts before the organization can begin consuming even a simple cloud-based service, like cloud storage of data. Many simply replicate the security measures of their on-premises data centers, which can further hobble efficient use of the cloud.

Two Solutions, One Platform

At Healthcare Triangle, our HITRUST certified CloudEz solution helps life sciences organizations tackle both of these challenges, enabling busy IT teams to derive greater value from the move to the cloud.

Offered as a software-as-a-service, CloudEz enables life science organizations of all sizes to take a “cloud first” approach to data management, data security and data analytics. CloudEz delivers a “DevOps approach” to cloud platform management, which combines best practices in software development and IT operations to evolve and improve IT systems and processes at a faster pace than traditional software development and infrastructure management would allow. The resulting increase in speed permits organizations to better serve their customers and positions them to compete more effectively in the market.

Second, the CloudEz platform comes out of the box with baked-in security, GxP, HITRUST and performance controls. This ensures that applications are developed and deployed in a baseline secure and compliant environment. Thus, life sciences companies can focus their attention on optimizing the cloud for drug research, trials and manufacturing instead of the risks of deploying and managing sensitive applications and data on the cloud.

Moreover, when paired with HITRUST certified DataEz, Healthcare Triangle’s cloud-based solution for swift, secure data collection, cleaning, preparation, and transformation, this “pay as you go” platform is an affordable solution for life science enterprises of all sizes—billion-dollar companies, small- and medium-sized businesses, and start-ups—to maximize their use of the cloud.

Cloud service is not cheap.  It is vital to keep an eye on cloud consumption as well as the entire security, compliance and governance layers of data management. This is a tall order for any life sciences organization. A platform like CloudEz not only makes it easier, but also ensures your organization gets its piece of the cloud computing pie.

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Sudish Mogli is Chief Technology Officer, Healthcare Triangle.


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