Ready to Comply with New Information Blocking Rules?

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Jul 30, 2020

New Information Blocking Rules

In March 2020, CMS and ONC released the

21st Century Cures Act Final Rule. Even with COVID related enforcement delays compliance is mandatory, in part, beginning November 2, 2020.

The new rules direct that Medicare eligible providers must adopt standardized application programming interfaces (APIs), which will help allow individuals to securely and easily access structured electronic health information using smartphone applications. They also require that patients can electronically access all their electronic health information (EHI), structured and/or unstructured, at no cost.

Provisions also bar providers from using practices likely to interfere with, prevent or materially discourage access, exchange or use of electronic health information. Implementing APIs and updating a few new data elements to be available on the patient portal may not be sufficient to align with the rule.

The Basics

To be compliant with information blocking rules, any eligible provider should:

Driving Patient Engagement

The intent of the 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule is to help patients engage in their healthcare. Your organization can also benefit from this improved patient experience and should take other steps to improve information sharing with patients, such as:

Innovation Opportunities

Progressive healthcare providers know that there are opportunities to innovate as they enable patients to access and share their own health information, improving patient experience and satisfaction while also enabling continuity of care and value-based care. To get the most out of patient engagement with their health information, consider:

Healthcare Triangle, Inc. can quickly ensure your compliance with the new rule and collaborate to develop and implement forward-thinking patient engagement, data sharing, and interoperability programs.

For further discussion or immediate healthcare project-related assistance, drop an email to or schedule a consultation.

Healthcare Triangle, Inc. makes no representation or assurance that implementation of the above suggested healthcare information technology tools or functionality guarantees compliance with CMS, ONC, or other regulatory requirements. Regulation often requires changes to business process in addition to technology. You are advised to consult your own legal and compliance experts regarding new regulatory requirements. General Legal Guidance and Exceptions. .

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