Supercharging Cloud Performance

Supercharging Cloud Performance: Why a Self-Service Platform Could Make the Difference

Supercharging Cloud Performance: Why a Self-Service Platform Could Make the Difference

By Sudish Mogli - Chief Technology Officer
Oct 15, 2021

From genetic breakthroughs that could transform treatment for complex conditions to new biosensor technologies that could revolutionize diagnostics, new innovations have led to a radical reimagining of the future of life sciences—and cloud-based platforms are at the center of this transformation.

That’s why it’s critical that life sciences organizations gain the desired level of performance from their cloud investments. Yet two out of three life sciences organizations say they haven’t achieved the results they expected, an Accenture analysis shows.

One way to bolster cloud performance: adopting a self-service cloud platform that enables life sciences teams to rapidly take advantage of cloud-based services and applications—from data analytics to robotic process automation and artificial intelligence—faster.

At Healthcare Triangle, we’ve seen organizations significantly improve business application performance and efficiency through a self-service approach to cloud operations and management. Further, continuous access to the latest security updates enables organizations to confidently leverage the cloud to meet their needs.

Here are four ways a self-service cloud platform strengthens agility for life sciences organizations.

No. 1: Enabling application owners to deploy cloud applications with just a few clicks. With a self-service platform, team members no longer need to write tickets to request permission to deploy an application. Instead, access management is handled through the platform. This means the right staff gain access to the right applications in real time, strengthening their ability to leverage the cloud for their business needs as well as for deep learning and analysis.

No. 2: Automating administrative tasks connected to cloud usage. When a cloud application is deployed, organizations typically rely on manual processes to verify that the task was performed and that the user who deployed the application followed the appropriate processes. With a self-service cloud platform, this task is automated, eliminating the need for human intervention. By defining repeatable processes such as this within a self-service platform, organizations can ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices while supporting more agile deployment of cloud-based applications. This helps enterprises keep pace with innovation.

No. 3: Providing instant access to cloud expertise. Leveraging the cloud to meet the growing business demands of life sciences organizations requires that organizations have access to the right talent. Self-service cloud platforms enable life sciences enterprises to augment their cloud competency center with subject matter experts—from project managers to engineers in cloud automation, security, network, identity and access management. This helps organizations optimize cloud performance while reducing costs. It also positions organizations to adopt best practices for cloud platform management and gain insight into cloud usage across business units.

No. 4: Moving a DevOps to a “NoOps” approach. You may have heard that one of the biggest stumbling blocks to value occurs when organizations make the move to the cloud yet treat the cloud as simply an extension of their data center rather than taking a DevOps approach. This approach combines best practices in software development and IT operations to evolve and improve IT systems and processes at a faster pace. However, organizations with a self-service cloud platform can take this concept one step further by evolving from a DevOps to a “NoOps” approach. In this state, organizations rely on their self-service platform to continuously automate repetitive and frequently occurring service requests. This eliminates the need for human intervention in allocating and resolving service tasks. The result: significantly reduced service management costs and a boost in productivity

Building the Right Framework for Cloud Value

At Healthcare Triangle, our HITRUST certified CloudEz self-service cloud platform is a prefabricated platform that reduces the risk and cost of implementing an agile cloud infrastructure.

Working with premier cloud applications, we’ll help you confidently enact an IT strategy to meet the evolving needs of your enterprise and accelerate the value of your technology investments. Features include the ability to:

  • Quickly request and deploy resources with a few simple clicks
  • Establish workflows that address security, compliance and governance needs enterprise-wide
  • Augment your cloud competency center with our subject matter experts
  • Develop cloud IT services in an agile manner with proven processes
  • Integrate cloud operations, security, and service management
  • Kickstart your foray into the cloud with our tested repository of cloud automation code artifacts

Find out how CloudEz could supercharge cloud performance for your organization. Contact us today.

Sudish Mogli is Chief Technology Officer for Healthcare Triangle.

Drop an email to or schedule a consultation.


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