Will APIs and The Cloud Make Interface Engines Obsolete?

Joe Grinstead - VP of Technology & Cloud Managed Services
Feb 09, 2021

Healthcare has relied on interface engines for decades to transport and transform data between systems. These monolithic systems are typically big, complex and require highly specialized skills to implement and operate. In most cases they represent a large capital investment and are difficult to replace because of how interwoven they become in the organization.

With the advent of FHIR and other API based services along with the flexible services offered by public cloud providers, a question arises as to the future of these interface engines. APIs offer a flexible means for sending and receiving data between disparate systems and the cloud providers offer several capabilities ranging from pure compute and storage to advanced data ingestion, transformation and analytic capabilities that can be consumed with even moderate knowledge of basic coding.

Additionally, no-code options are rapidly becoming available that allow front-line business users to design automation to use APIs and cloud capabilities.

This year and beyond we will begin to see the real benefits of…

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