Data Analytics and Data Science for LifeSciences in the Cloud

Sudish Mogli - Chief Technology Officer
Nov 25, 2020

Problem statement for the industry

Pharma companies are pursuing the ultimate moonshot goal of changing the way medicines are developed so the right treatment can be delivered to the right patient at the right time. Thus, enabling the delivery of highly personalized healthcare, which effects the Pharma, Life Science and Healthcare verticals.

Why this is a challenge?

Pharma and Life Sciences companies are endeavoring to deliver personalized healthcare by gaining access to millions of deep, broad and loosely connected patient-years of data from various sources (EHR, Digital Data, Imaging and Genomics) to derive meaningful insights. By analyzing the largest and most diverse data sets, the Pharma and Life Sciences companies are trying to gain a higher resolution view of each patient so they can provide a very personalized and effective treatment.

What the industry is doing about it? Where is it falling short?

Imagining the scale of the data that needs to be analyzed, Pharma and Life Sciences companies need to process and analyze data in the petabyte and zettabyte scale, and on-premises data centers are cost prohibitive as they are required to be built to peak capacity, through large upfront investment. If the time to build such large capacity Data Centers is taken into consideration, the cost just does not justify the benefit. The public cloud is a potential solution, but before any data can be migrated over, it needs to be made secure, data breach proof, compliant with continuous monitoring capabilities. Lot of companies are struggling with this.

Where do we come in?

HCTI has developed a framework of accelerators that can deploy a massively scalable, elastic, secure and compliant Data Analytics and Data Science platform which can be deployed in a few days, so Pharma companies can focus on delivering personalized Healthcare and changing the way medicines are developed.

Why this is game changing?

The Data Platform built on the HITRUST certified DataEz framework, is highly elastic, and can process different kinds of data, streaming vs batch, different types of data, Text, Images, Video files, audio file, etc. Data is tested for quality, classified for PHI/PII and tokenized or anonymized if desired, cataloged and provenance captured. This microservices driven architecture is orchestrated to build automated end to end data pipelines, leveraging APIs. Data Scientist can run their R-Studio/Jupyter Python notebooks in a containerized environment that allows them to be co-resident with the data, enabling analysis of large amounts of data. The capabilities of DataEz is made available through APIs, so Data Scientists and data engineers can automate the entire data pipeline from ingestion to analysis.

What is it that we do better?

We are currently engaged with 3 of the world’s 5 largest pharma companies in building and managing their Data Analytics and Data Science platforms, based on the DataEz framework. We have the expertise and code templates to deploy the infrastructure and data engineering capabilities required to ingest, store and process data in the Petabyte and Zettabyte scale. Our expertise in deploying data analytics and data science capabilities on containerized elastics clusters makes our solution very cost effective, without any loss of scale or functionality. Rounding it off, we can deploy and operate this platform in days as opposed to months. 

Why do our customers love us?

Customers rely on HCTI for our deep knowledge and expertise built over the years working with Pharma, Life Sciences and Healthcare companies. With over 10 years of Public Cloud experience, combined with our expertise with the security and compliance requirements of Pharma and Healthcare verticals, we have been able to deploy and manage highly sensitive data applications on the Public Cloud for our customers. We do this utilizing our pre-developed accelerators which allow us to deploy those applications very rapidly and get our customers going.

For queries or any help on how to choose the right public cloud framework with continuous security and compliance for your pharma/ healthcare/ life sciences organization, please contact us at

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