Delivering Telehealth Rapidly with Epic

Ryan Sommers, PMP, Senior Director, Epic Practice
Mar 31, 2020

Arm Your Frontline with Tools to Monitor, Diagnose, Manage, Treat, and Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Health entities across the United States are rushing to address, mitigate, and take action against the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, and while impacts of the virus already weigh heavily on the supply chain and frontline health professionals, the need for immediate and scalable telehealth solutions is in the IT limelight now as well.

With the volume and risk of COVID-19 cases expanding across the US, telehealth technology is not only now relevant, but absolutely essential for combatting the virus. Provider-to-patient telehealth and other remote/distancing measures need to be of paramount focus across the country in order to stem the tide, contain exposure, and proactively manage the virus.

Epic offers a variety of invaluable telehealth features that all their organizations can take advantage of, along with new content and tools designed specifically for COVID-19. While the ability to adopt and scale some of the Epic features in mass is ultimately dependent on infrastructure, server capacity, and organizational communication, they can all be “turned on” and made available to staff and patients with minimal effort. Those in the greatest need of the tools can start using them immediately.

Let’s dive in and take a look at each of the features available to the Epic community for use during these challenging times.

MyChart & eVisits

Direct Screening & Triage

Video Conference Visits (integrated with 3rd party video vendors).

Tracking & Monitoring the Population

Telehealth Billing & Reimbursement

Some locations have been seeing more than a 10x surge in requests and needs for telehealth since the outbreak of COVID-19, making it crucial to have the above system mechanisms in place and available to staff ASAP. The goals are the same everywhere - to provide our frontline healthcare teams with the tools and safety they need to effectively diagnose and manage the patient influx, to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, and to track, treat, and monitor all who are affected. Telehealth is rapidly becoming a literal lifeline for many, and the faster and more efficiently we get it deployed, the better everyone will be.

For further discussion or assistance with any of what has been outlined here, from video vendor options to billing logic and setup, feel free to contact. I’m connected with a number of Epic teams across the country and resources already hard at work advising, executing, and advancing these options for organizations large and small.

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