Today's Reality: Continuous Security & Compliance

Sudish Mogli - Chief Technology Officer
Apr 03, 2020

The Need to shift from Incident Security to Continuous Security

Compliance with industry regulations alone cannot protect businesses from security breaches. Changes in the cloud infrastructure are rapid, so an automatic and sustainable approach to cloud security must be in place.

Think the first responder on your network device receives an instant warning about new vulnerabilities, and how to fix them. This is called “continuous security”, and it has a significant increase in the security of your network.

Here are some reasons why Continuous Security is essential

Security Compliance

Continuous security is an ongoing process that configures and manages security controls. With security in mind, compliance is a “health measure” for business security, and you make it a by-product of good security.

How to Achieve Continuous Security

Of course, humans cannot check multiple builds a day; we need a security team that can think about security requirements, restrictions, and best practices and automates the process.

Best Practices and Continuous Security

Here are the best methods to sustain Continuous Security.

Network Security should be implemented from the inception to execution not be an afterthought. Best practices for sustainable continuous security.

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