Why Cloud Enterprise Platform Approach? & What’s in the Box?

Healthcare Triangle
Sep 14, 2020

One of the most important aspects required for an organization to survive and outperform their competitors is AGILITY. Agility gives an organization the ability to be proactive and responsive to market changes as they occur. This leads to innovative approaches resulting in faster times to market and accelerated revenue growth. Driving this agile business approach is the Cloud.

While organizations are demanding agility, they also realize that they cannot forgo fundamentals such as security and compliance. The need to meet security, compliance, governance and optimizing cost and resources are the driving factors behind the need for enterprises to take an organization wide platform approach of offering cloud services to their business users.

It may seem counter intuitive at first glance however, setting up an enterprise Cloud platform allows business units the autonomy and freedom they demand and, in most cases, offer advanced services the business may not be aware of.

Ready-made resources for the business

Enterprises are finding that, across business units there is a core set of computing resources they all need. One of the fundamental steps in an Enterprise Cloud Platform is setting up these foundational services that all business units can deploy on demand versus build over and over individually, which incurs unnecessary cost and time. Therefore, as the Cloud Platform matures so does the catalogue of services.

Business Service Automation

Speed and agility may be the driving factors of offering Cloud services via a platform, the added benefit is IT can ensure the resources being deployed meet internal security and external regulatory requirements. Additionally, such things as monitoring for performance of resources or optimizing for cost can easily be achieved at the IT level verse the business level.

At Healthcare Triangle, we have defined a clear methodology to include a set of customizable frameworks that considers the below 6 key areas when setting up a new business service.

With the above attributes, your organization can gain security, compliance, cost optimization with automated self service capabilities that are the keys to achieve cloud agility without compromising on the security, governance and compliance needs of your business.

Queries or any help on how to improve your business operations via the cloud and make your enterprise more agile, please contact us at info@healthcaretriangle.com

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