Automating Cloud Services to Meet Security and Compliance

Healthcare Triangle
Sep 14, 2020

With close to 90% of enterprises adopting a Cloud-first approach, the Cloud has become the obvious choice for rolling out business applications. As IT’s focus shifts from technology provider to service provider not only does their role change but the need for automation also increases. New services must be delivered on demand and at the speed of business. To meet these demands DevOps and service automation are a central part of a sound Cloud strategy.

Service automation and self-service capabilities

The ultimate goal must be Automating the provision process and offering services via a “self-serve” service catalog where the consumers’ only concern should be the service and not the under-laying infrastructure or technology. To achieve this and roll out new services IT organizations need to utilize an automation framework that takes into account the following areas.

Paramount to the entire process is addressing security and compliance requirements and ensuring an automated process is in place to monitor, self-heal and maintain a state of continuous compliance.

Healthcare Triangle’s HITRUST certified CloudEz platform is specifically designed to meet the robust requirements highly regulated industries confront when utilizing the Cloud. Our CloudEz is built on a security framework that takes the best practices approach, combines it with your enterprise security and compliance requirement and automates the entire provisioning process. By removing the human element automation reduces risk and establishes consistency across all deployed services.

Performance and Security Monitoring along with Compliance and Audit Trails built into this provisioning process further ensures that every service deployed follows a defined process and immediately meets your regulatory compliance and security needs. When done properly this holistic approach provides for enhanced security and compliance protections, it also relieves the burden on your staff, improves security for DevOPs and other teams, and lowers the cost and risk of cloud security and compliance.

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