Three Key Considerations for 2021 Healthcare IT Planning

Healthcare Triangle
Oct 06, 2020

All over the country, healthcare providers are planning their 2021 priorities. New tech, value-based care, and global events are driving healthcare to broaden its view of access, quality, and affordability. The IT organization must respond to remain relevant and enable care delivery. Here are three key considerations for your organization’s 2021 IT planning and budgeting.

    1. Is your technology infrastructure agile? We’ve learned from COVID and other major events in 2020 that agility and scalability need to be a key part of our planning in health IT. Anything could happen. You may need to adjust compute power, data storage, or respond to a disaster situation without notice. A great place to start to ensure you can scale to respond quickly to any circumstances is with your technical infrastructure. Look at ways to optimize performance, cost, security and ensure compliance by beginning or advancing your cloud journey.
    2. Is your application support program scalable? Global circumstances, business needs, and competitive threats are driving us to get users the application support and education they need at warp speed. The demands of managing your hospital’s EHR day-to-day can take a toll on your already stretched team or budget. Finding a partner to take on the burden helps your team focus on other technology priorities and access enhanced coverage easily during periods of peak need or transition.
    3. Do you have the skills needed to provide new clinical tools? Part of the 2020 and 2021 imperative will be for IT to expand the clinical toolsets available for clinicians and caregivers. Many of these tools will need to take care and communication with patients virtual, increase mobility, and improve clinician experience. With all of these pressures, EHR consulting services that will bring you a deep understanding of best practices, proven methods, and real-world experiences will ultimately save time and cost.

Healthcare Triangle reinforces healthcare progress by helping organizations address these key considerations and implement agile planning for 2021 and beyond.

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